Study Guide

This Is Where I Leave You Chapter 11

By Jonathan Tropper

Chapter 11

  • Judd gets into the shower, but the hot water and electricity both shut down at the same time, which is AWESOME. Mort had wired the house himself and it's not exactly what you call up to code.
  • He runs to the basement to reset the electrical box and finds Alice already there, fiddling with the switches. They share an awkward moment as Judd resets the box. (Probably more awkward straight from the shower, so we hope he managed to throw on a towel first.)
  • Later that morning, the family is gathered in the living room, listening to Wendy reminisce about her first period, like you … never, ever do with your family.
  • She was home alone with her dad, who was on the roof fixing the gutter. In a panic, she threw a basketball up there to get his attention, accidentally knocking him off.
  • They ended up at the hospital, where a friendly nurse taught her how to tampon while Mort got stitches.
  • It's Phillip's turn to reminisce now. We hope it doesn't involve anyone's first period.
  • He used to play little league as a kid. One time, he missed two balls in the last inning and cost his team the game. Phillip's coach started yelling at him, but their father came in and knocked the coach out.
  • Tracy is annoyed by the story and tries to play armchair therapist with Phillip. When he resists, she storms off.
  • Hillary asks Judd if he has any memories to share. Judd keeps his lips zipped, but he thinks back to the jealousy he would feel when riding with his father to Paul's baseball games.

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