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This Is Where I Leave You Chapter 16

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Chapter 16

  • When Judd gets to the store he beelines straight for Penny Moore. They hug and catch up.
  • She tells him that she skates each morning at the local ice rink and suggests that he should come along sometime. Super fun!
  • Judd and Penny were best friends in high school—by which we mean that Judd had a huge unrequited crush on her. They became romantically involved in college, but it never developed into a relationship.
  • They had made a pact back then: if neither one of them were married by the time they were forty, they'd marry each other.
  • What about if one of them was getting a divorce, hmm?
  • Horry is already in the car when Judd gets out. He's having a minor seizure. Judd calms him before driving home.

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