Study Guide

This Is Where I Leave You Chapter 35

By Jonathan Tropper

Chapter 35

  • Peter Applebaum returns and resumes his hunt for Mrs. Foxman. The flirting is even more shameless this time, if that's possible.
  • After a bit of this, Linda comes out of the kitchen and whispers something in Applebaum's ear. He follows her back into the kitchen and she says something with a raised voice. He leaves the house looking as bummed out as Charlie Brown.
  • In the meantime, Paul and his buddies have decided to play a pick-up baseball game. Paul is pitching, despite his bum shoulder. (Dog mauling, remember?)
  • Boner is up to bat first. Paul throws one ball, then two strikes. By the fourth pitch, his shoulder is visibly bothering him.
  • Paul's shoulder goes out with the next pitch, sending the ball careening into Boner's face. Thankfully, the two macho men choose to end their duel with hugs instead of fisticuffs.