Study Guide

This Is Where I Leave You Chapter 38

By Jonathan Tropper

Chapter 38

  • Judd drops off the kids at home and Phillip speeds him to the hospital.
  • Jen is distraught when Judd enters into the room. She's convinced that the baby is already dead. Judd, for the first time, actually comforts her.
  • Thankfully, the doctor is able to locate the baby's heartbeat. For a moment, Judd believes that he can actually be a father.
  • This potentially life-changing moment is shattered when Wade steps through the door. He blames his tardiness on his car's GPS system. The two men argue, but the doctor kicks them out of the room before it gets too heated.
  • Outside of the room, Judd gives a long speech about how Wade is just waiting for an excuse to leave Jen. Wade, unfazed, tells Judd that it was Jen who came to him about the affair, not vice-versa.
  • Judd swings at Wade but misses. Wade pushes him up against the wall, and Phillip arrives just in the nick of time with an uppercut straight into Wade's nose.
  • The brothers are ejected by security, which seems like a good move.
  • Phillip and Judd, exhausted from their ordeal, talk about fatherhood. Despite what just happened, Judd is finally excited about the pregnancy.
  • Judd notices that Wade's Maserati is a few cars down from Phillip's Porsche. Being the good little brother that he is, Phillip pulls out a tire iron and hands it to Judd.
  • Judd has a seriously cathartic moment smashing Wade's car to high heaven.

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