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This Is Where I Leave You Chapter 40

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Chapter 40

  • The three brothers head to Sticky Fingers, a local dive bar. (What else could it be with a name like that?)
  • As usual, Judd fantasizes about each good-looking woman he sees. Naturally, Phillip has already slept with most of them.
  • Judd notices Horry in the corner of the bar, chatting with a pretty girl.
  • Paul gives Phillip a few bucks to change the song on the jukebox. He tells Judd that Phillip won't be able to get to the jukebox without touching three women. He ends up touching four. What an overachiever!
  • Phillip gets back to the table and the brothers start arguing. Eventually, the conversation reaches the Rottweiler attack that crippled Paul. Judd refuses to take the blame, which makes Paul so furious that a bouncer has to restrain him.
  • Paul acknowledges that the blame for the injury lies squarely on his own shoulders, but he accuses Judd of being a bad brother in the time since. He storms out.
  • Phillip and Judd stay at the bar and get plastered. Phillip runs into Chelsea—one of the girls that visited him at the shiva.
  • Judd goes to the bathroom and sees Horry kissing the girl he saw him with earlier. Phillip and Chelsea are gone when he gets back to the table

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