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This Is Where I Leave You Chapter 43

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Chapter 43

  • Judd climbs out to the roof and finds Tracy already there, smoking one of Wendy's cigarettes.
  • She asks him if Phillip is sleeping with Chelsea. Judd doesn't want to rat out his brother, but he tells her that, given Phillip's taste in women, infidelity is inevitable.
  • Tracy is sad but thankful for his honesty. She tells Judd that she'll break up with Phillip after the shiva. She will, however, leave him the Porsche.
  • Channeling her inner therapist, Tracy tells Judd that he needs to have a plan for his life. He can't wear himself ragged trying to find loveā€”he has to become comfortable until it finds him. She heads back inside a few minutes later.
  • Judd sees Horry's date scurry away from the Callens' house, looking like "she's rushing from something, not towards it" (43.46).
  • Judd heads to Linda and Horry's home. He finds Horry in the basement having a seizure, and comforts him until the convulsions stop.
  • Judd heads home and takes a shower. Of course, Alice is sitting on his bed when he gets back to his room.
  • She apologizes for what happened the other day. Judd tells her that she is putting her marriage with Paul at risk, and she agrees.

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