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This Is Where I Leave You Chapter 47

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Chapter 47

  • A wild scene awaits Judd at Casa de Foxman.
  • Phillip is standing on the highest point of the house, threatening to jump. The family is crowded around and Tracy is yelling for him to come down.
  • It turns out that Phillip tried, once again, to propose to Tracy. As you might've guessed, it failed miserably.
  • Just then, Hillary and Linda show up. Hillary tells Tracy that she has to treat a tantrum by ignoring it. Tracy gets into her car and drives away.
  • Phillip is still upset, but he agrees to get off the roof. Only … it doesn't quite work as planned, and he slips and falls off the side.
  • One ambulance and a few pain meds later, the family is sitting in the living room as Hillary and Linda finally open up about their relationship.
  • Linda started spending the night with Hillary when Mort got sick. It wasn't romantic at first, but it headed that way after a few weeks. From there, it evolved from a purely physical relationship into a real romantic partnership.
  • Here's the kicker—Mort knew the whole time. To be honest, he was actually relieved that his wife wasn't going to be alone after his death.
  • Suddenly, something clicks in Judd's head. He realizes that their dad hadn't requested that they sit shiva—it was their mom's idea the whole time.
  • The children are outraged, but Hillary doesn't care. Phillip gets up and embraces Hillary and Linda, saying that he accepts them as a couple.
  • Then, as if on cue, he falls to the ground, mumbling about codeine and internal bleeding.

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