Study Guide

This Is Where I Leave You Chapter 5

By Jonathan Tropper

Chapter 5

  • The family returns home after the funeral. They're greeted by Linda Callen, who's been a neighbor and close family friend since Judd was a kid.
  • Her son, Horry, was practically part of the family and even dated Wendy for a while. That whole relationship ended after Horry got into a bar fight in college. He took a blow to the head and now suffers brain damage, giving him seizures and frequent memory loss.
  • Wendy ended up marrying Barry and having three children: Ryan, Serena, and Cole.
  • It's lunchtime and Serena is upstairs crying. Ryan is in the other room banging on the piano. Barry is on the phone doing his best Boiler Room impression. One big happy family!
  • Linda, Paul's wife, looks at Ryan with a mixture of emotions. See, they've been trying unsuccessfully to have a child for a while, so all these kids are tugging at her heartstrings.
  • Phillip's phone rings and he runs outside. The family watches him greet a well-dressed, middle-aged woman, whom he then introduces as his fiancée, Tracy. Tracy had been Phillip's therapist before they got involved, which, depending on when they started dating, might violate a whole boatload of ethical boundaries.
  • Suddenly, Cole emerges from the bathroom butt naked, training potty in hand. He shows his father his T-shaped turd with pride, but a distracted Barry loses it at the sight of the alphabetical poop.
  • In response, Cole joyfully throws his full potty in the air. Everyone dives for the floor like it's a bomb drill and Cole's little surprise lands in the middle of Paul's plate. Mmm, tasty.

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