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This Is Where I Leave You Chapter 50

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Chapter 50

  • The shiva officially ends the next morning. As is custom, the family leaves the house together to take a short walk.
  • Judd and Paul walk together. Judd tells Paul that he will give Paul his share of the business if Paul hires Phillip.
  • Although neither is convinced that Phillip's life is on the right track, they know that protecting their baby brother is their responsibility now.
  • Paul agrees to hire Phillip, but he tells Judd to keep his share of the company. If Phillip fails, both brothers will have to deal with consequences.
  • Paul apologizes for blowing up on Judd at the bar. He tells Judd that anger is a poison that makes you kill "yourself without thinking about it" (50.38).
  • Wendy and her kids get ready to leave. Judd is sad to see Cole and Ryan go. He worries that they will be too old to love their uncle the next time he sees them. They get into their minivan and drive away.
  • The van stops as it passes Horry, who's standing outside his house. He places his hand on the window for a long moment, and then the van speeds away.
  • Later that morning, Judd goes through his father's dresser. He finds his dad's old watch and puts it on, not caring that it hasn't worked for years.
  • Eager to avoid a drawn-out goodbye, Judd tries to slip out while the family eats brunch.
  • Linda is able to catch him before he leaves, although she doesn't let the others know. Judd tells her that he's happy that Linda and his mom are together.
  • Judd ends up in Phillip's Porsche, sitting at a gas station next to the interstate. He's thinking about the places he could go: his home in Kingston, Penny's house, or a small town in Maine.
  • It turns out that Phillip had taken two thousand dollars from Judd's stash. What makes better collateral than your little brother's Porsche?
  • Judd decides on Maine. He'll spend a night there and figure out the rest in the morning.
  • He blares country music and starts driving.
  • Road trip!

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