Study Guide

This Is Where I Leave You Chapter 7

By Jonathan Tropper

Chapter 7

  • Later that day, Boner—we mean, Grodner—comes by and prepares the house for the shiva. Mirrors are covered and furniture is pushed to the corners of the room. In their place, he sets five "shiva chairs," which are low-set seats for the grieving family.
  • Boner explains that Mort reexamined religion after he fell ill. Although the family is skeptical, their protests are cut short when Hillary drops a classic mom-style guilt trip.
  • As they wait for the first guests to arrive, Judd looks at the scars that run up Paul's arm.
  • Paul notices him looking and scowls. Judd thinks he's mad either because of the attack that caused those scars—which Paul blames him for—or the fact that Judd and Alice used to date in high school.
  • Whoa! Things just got real.
  • Judd and Paul start getting passive-aggressive, which we're quickly learning is the family's favorite method of communication. (Isn't it every family's favorite method of communication?)
  • Thankfully, the doorbell rings and visitors begin filling the room.

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