Study Guide

This Is Where I Leave You Love

By Jonathan Tropper


What is love? Bob Marley wants to know—and so does Judd Foxman. Judd has a pretty simple answer to the question—baby don't hurt me no more. See, he's going through some stuff: his wife left him, his father died, and he's rekindling his relationship with his college flame. As you might imagine, his feelings on love are complicated. One moment he's talking trash about the false standards set by Hollywood; the next he's waxing poetic about love with the passion and fervor of a fifteen year old girl's Tumblr. As This Is Where I Leave You points out, that's what love is, or at least what it's like: rarely rational, hardly ever consistent—just out of control.

Questions About Love

  • How do Judd's marital problems affect his view on "young love"?
  • Did Wendy make the right choice between Barry and Horry? Why or why not?
  • Why does Judd fall in love with every pretty girl he sees?
  • What does Linda and Hillary's relationship say about love? And Mort's acceptance of it?

Chew on This

For all of his anti-love rants, Judd is as hopeless a romantic as they come.

The novel as a whole argues that there's no such thing as a "one true love"—to the contrary, love is portrayed as unstable and hard to predict.