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This Is Where I Leave You Marriage

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If you're looking for a novel that extols the many joys of marriage, then This Is Where I Leave You is definitely not the book for you. (May we suggest a Nicholas Sparks novel?) While author Jonathan Tropper isn't exactly opposed to the concept of marriage, he takes a microscope to the reality of married life and sees something pretty ugly in the waters. Our protagonist, the recently cuckolded Judd, has no shortage of cynical opinions about the institution and won't hesitate to tell you about them. He's like a good stand-up comic: you might not always agree with what he's saying, but he'd definitely have you laughing—and probably thinking, too.

Questions About Marriage

  1. Do the Foxman children approach marriage in a similar way? Why or why not?
  2. In your opinion, what caused Jen and Judd's marriage to fall apart?
  3. Was Judd prepared for married life? Why or why not?
  4. Did Mort and Hillary provide a good example for their children's marriages?

Chew on This

Judd's marriage ended for the same, deceptively simple reason that most do—immaturity.

In This Is Where I Leave You, the decision to have children is portrayed as a true make-or-break moment for any marriage.

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