Study Guide

This Side of Paradise Love

By F. Scott Fitzgerald


Amory looks for all kinds of ways to make his life more fulfilling. And being a romantic, he decides that love is one of his best options. Little does he know that love will turn out to be way more of a disappointment than he ever imagined.

As a handsome young guy, he's used to having his way in relationships. But that all changes when his fiancée Rosalind rejects him for not having enough money or prospects. This is the sort of thing that never would have happened when he was younger. But now it's time for the adult world, Amory, where love doesn't always conquer. Life (and This Side of Paradise) is pretty dang brutal.

Questions About Love

  1. Do you think that love will eventually give Amory a sense of fulfillment if he just sticks with it and doesn't give up? Why?
  2. How does love fail to fix Amory's basic problem with the world? What is this problem anyway?
  3. Why does Rosalind dump Amory? Is it an easy decision for her? Why or why not?
  4. List the characters in this book whom Amory truly loves. What happens to them by the end?

Chew on This

In This Side of Paradise, we learn that love can't solve all our problems.

This Side of Paradise shows us that even though love can be tough, we have to stick with it and have faith.