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Aramis in The Three Musketeers

By Alexandre Dumas

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Much like you probably know a Porthos, you probably know an Aramis. An Aramis (like the original Aramis) is perpetually in stealth mode. You never hear him moan about studying for big tests, but he always aces them. He doesn't go on and on about how the ladeez love him, but he perpetually seems to be fielding calls from the most beautiful women around. He casually says "I play poker," and then it turns out that he's basically broken Vegas.

While Porthos brags about his prowess with the ladies, Aramis actually has the prowess, but he keeps his mouth very closed about it. One of his ladies in particular is a very high-up noblewoman who was exiled for being too close to the Queen. Her relationship to the Queen comes in handy, however, as our young heroes are able to send the Queen information through this lady friend.

He’s a great Musketeer, but Aramis swears that it’s a temporary gig and that he will eventually join the church someday. We wonder if that will make him truly happy. What are your thoughts?

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