Study Guide

The Three Musketeers Chapter Fifty: Chat Between Brother and Sister

By Alexandre Dumas

Chapter Fifty: Chat Between Brother and Sister

  • Milady is confused about what happened. She is stunned that the Lord de Winter discovered her arrival and was prepared to take her prisoner. She assumes, however, that her imprisonment is for a past crime and not in anticipation of a future one.
  • Lord de Winter asks for her reasons for coming to England. She tells her brother-in-law that she wanted to see him.
  • The two of them talk for a while, each getting nowhere. Lord de Winter tells Milady that since she wanted to see him, he ensured that she would get that wish. He lies through his teeth about how he knew she was arriving.
  • Milady gets increasingly alarmed.
  • Her brother-in-law tells her that she can have anything she wants except freedom. He then remarks that he can arrange for her to have a household similar to that of her first husband’s.
  • Milady is terrified at those words, saying that he is insulting her. She runs to strike him; he grabs her and traces her left shoulder saying that other men’s hands have touched her.
  • Milady shrieks and runs into the corner. He tells her that she has no means of escape, and that he will soon have an executioner create a similar brand on her right shoulder.
  • Lord de Winter tells her he plans for her to be sent to colonies in the south. Meanwhile, it is impossible to escape from the castle. He knows what she’s thinking—that she has enough time to plan an escape. She can try to get out, he says, but escaping is impossible.
  • Lord de Winter then talks about the young officer who escorted her to the castle. He tells her that this man will serve as her jailer, and that he is incorruptible. He calls for John Felton and introduces him to Milady.
  • He tells John to look at Milady, warning that this woman will try to seduce him, and will try everything in her power to ruin him. Lord de Winter recalls that he once saved John’s life and serves as his mentor. He is trusting John to guard Milady well.
  • The two men leave after Lord de Winter gives John instructions.
  • Milady sinks into an armchair to reflect on her situation.