Study Guide

The Three Musketeers Chapter Fifty-Eight: Escape

By Alexandre Dumas

Chapter Fifty-Eight: Escape

  • Milady’s wound is not dangerous, but she pretends to be weak.
  • She waits patiently for Felton to come to her, but is disappointed when she learns that he has been sent away.
  • Milady notices that a piece of wood has been nailed over the grating to her room. No one can spy on her anymore, which is great news for her, because she no longer has to hide her emotions.
  • Lord de Winter enters and tells her that Felton has been sent away and that she should prepare for her departure the next day.
  • A storm breaks that evening.
  • She hers tapping at her window. It’s Felton!
  • He files through the bars on her window. She climbs out into Felton’s waiting arms. He begins climbing down a ladder.
  • A patrol passes underneath them, but they remain undetected.
  • She thanks Felton as the two board a nearby ship. The ship will take her wherever she wants to go, but Felton asks to be put ashore at Portsmouth. He is going to murder Buckingham.
  • Milady promises that if he dies, she will die with him.
  • During their trip to Portsmouth, Felton tells her about all his preparations.
  • Milady, for her part, tries to encourage Felton in his assassination attempt, but soon realizes that encouragement is the last thing he needs: he is already more than eager to kill the Duke!
  • The two decide that Milady will wait for Felton until ten o’clock. If he does not make it, she will set sail and meet him at a convent in Bethune.