Study Guide

The Three Musketeers Chapter Fifty-Five: Captivity: The Fourth Day

By Alexandre Dumas

Chapter Fifty-Five: Captivity: The Fourth Day

  • When Felton enters the room, he finds Milady about to hang herself.
  • He tells her not to commit suicide. Milady questions his motives and his adherence to his faith. Her beauty, her grief, and her threats of suicide—it’s all too much for Felton and he’s overcome. She continues to speak in enigmas until, too curious, he begs her to tell him her story.
  • At this point Lord de Winter enters the room, casting an inquiring glance at Felton.
  • Milady asks de Winter to ask Felton what favor she was asking.
  • Felton tells his employer that Milady was asking for a knife.
  • Lord de Winter perceives that Felton has succumbed to Milady’s charms; he tells him to hold strong for three more days.
  • Milady reflects that she has made some great headway.
  • Felton comes back later and tells her that he wants to be convinced. He will return after twelve to hear her story.
  • Milady insists that she wants to die; Felton persuades her to wait until after he has heard her story.
  • Milady is thrilled. Felton is completely within her grasp.