Study Guide

The Three Musketeers Chapter Fifty-Four: Captivity: The Third Day

By Alexandre Dumas

Chapter Fifty-Four: Captivity: The Third Day

  • Milady knows that she has to get Felton alone, and that she has to talk to him. After all, her voice is her best asset.
  • With Lord de Winter, she will play it cool and calm, letting his disdain for her work in her favor against Felton.
  • Lord de Winter comes in the next day and expresses surprise that Milady has now switched to acting melancholic. He tells her that she has only four more days of captivity before being shipped off to the colonies.
  • Milady addresses herself to God, begging forgiveness for de Winter’s actions.
  • As soon as de Winter leaves, Milady kneels on the ground and begins praying in earnest. She pretends to be surprised when Felton comes in. He apologizes for interrupting her prayers, implying that those with guilty minds really do need to pray.
  • Milady says that only God will judge whether she is guilty. She protests that she is truly innocent.
  • She expresses surprise that Felton does not know of de Winter’s plans. She says that de Winter plans something terrible against her, without saying exactly what it is.
  • Felton’s mind immediately jumps to rape, and he protests that de Winter is incapable of that.
  • Milady is pleased. She begins an indictment of the Duke of Buckingham, but stops to beg for a knife from Felton.
  • He asks if she is planning to kill herself, and she wails that he has guessed her secret.
  • Lord de Winter approaches the room, and Milady entreats Felton not to say a word of their conversation.
  • Lord de Winter does not come in.
  • She knows that if Felton tells the lord that Milady plans to kill herself, she will be exposed as a fraud. That evening, Lord de Winter comes into the room along with Milady’s supper. He shows her the orders he has drawn up for her restrictions to the colonies. He offers her the choice of going to America or going to Tyburn, a village notorious for its public executions of criminals.
  • She is nervous, but realizes that the order has not yet been signed. (It needs to be signed by the Duke of Buckingham.)
  • Milady still has four days to corrupt Felton.
  • After eating her dinner, she again prays out loud in her beautiful voice. Felton does not come in, but Milady notices that he watches her from behind the door.