Study Guide

The Three Musketeers Chapter Fifty-Six: Captivity: The Fifth Day

By Alexandre Dumas

Chapter Fifty-Six: Captivity: The Fifth Day

  • Milady realizes that Felton, being a deeply religious man, is immune to ordinary seductions. She really has to bring her A-game tonight!
  • She furthermore realizes that she has only two days left to successfully escape, and although she knows she can likely work her way back from the colonies, she can’t bear the idea of being out of the loop for the years it would take.
  • At nine o’clock Lord de Winter enters the room to make sure everything is secure. He reassures himself that it is impossible for Milady to escape.
  • After midnight Felton enters Milady’s room.
  • She asks for the knife. Felton puts it on the table.
  • She spins a long tale for Felton, who is hooked. The story goes something like this:
  • A young and beautiful Milady is captured, drugged, and raped by an evil man.
  • She is held captive and drugged repeatedly. Her captor demands her love, asking her to marry him.
  • One night she conceals a knife and attempts to murder her captor. Unfortunately, he was wearing a coat of chain mail.
  • Her captor tells her that he will release her; Milady threatens to tell everyone what has happened. In that case, he says, he will have to keep her captive. Milady goes on hunger strike.
  • (Throughout the story, she throws in a lot of references to her being a Puritan.)
  • Felton is overcome.