Study Guide

The Three Musketeers Chapter Forty-Nine: Fatality

By Alexandre Dumas

Chapter Forty-Nine: Fatality

  • Milady is so roaring mad to have been insulted by D’Artagnan and Athos that she doesn’t want to leave France. The weather is pretty bad, however, that there is no way her ship could land.
  • Milady calculates that it would be better for her to go straight to England.
  • As she arrives, she compares herself to Judith, a woman from the Bible who entered alone into an enemy camp to slay the leader.
  • An officer boards Milady’s ship, converses with the captain, and surveys all the passengers. As he checks out Milady, she does the same to him. Yet she cannot figure out his character. He seems completely nondescript and a bit stubborn.
  • The ship enters the port and the officer tells her he is in charge of escorting her. They go into a carriage and soon Milady understands that she is a prisoner. The carriage barrels out into the countryside. Milady wants to open the door and jump out, but the carriage is going too fast.
  • Milady tries to interrogate the officer, but to no avail. They arrive at a castle on top of a giant cliff.
  • She is taken to a room with bars on the windows and doors.
  • Milady drops into an armchair, overcome with fear.
  • She continues asking why she is a prisoner. Soon Lord de Winter walks in.
  • He admits to having arranged everything, then turns and dismisses the young officer, who goes by the name of Felton. He and Milady are going to have a chat.