Study Guide

The Three Musketeers Chapter Sixty-Four: The Man in the Red Cloak

By Alexandre Dumas

Chapter Sixty-Four: The Man in the Red Cloak

  • Athos studies a map of the area and sees that there are four roads leading from Béthune to Armentières. He calls for the four lackeys. Each is to take a different route to the village: Planchet is given the honor of following the road Milady’s carriage was seen to take.
  • The four lackeys are to begin their mission the next morning.
  • Athos then gets up, puts on his sword, and goes in search of a particular house. It is very curious, however, that when he asks how to get to this house, passers-by are terrified and refuse to accompany him.
  • The Musketeer enters the house and explains to the owner exactly what he wants.
  • The owner is at first reluctant to accept this mission, but Athos threatens the man’s life until he assents.
  • Athos returns to find Planchet waiting for him.
  • Planchet reports that Milady is in Armentières at an inn called the Post, currently being guarded by the other three lackeys.
  • Everyone gets ready to leave for Armentières when Athos says that one person is still missing. He leaves and then returns with a man in a large red cloak. Once he arrives, the friends set off.