Study Guide

The Three Musketeers Chapter Sixty-Two: Two Varieties of Demons

By Alexandre Dumas

Chapter Sixty-Two: Two Varieties of Demons

  • The two catch up briefly: Rochefort comes with a message from the Cardinal; Milady recounts her experience at the convent.
  • She reveals that Constance is in the convent, and that D’Artagnan and his friends are soon expected! She wants these men locked up in the Bastille, and can’t understand why the Cardinal has such an attachment to these Musketeers.
  • Milady wants to leave, but Rochefort insists that she to remain in the convent.
  • Rochefort asks if Constance will be killed; Milady tells him to rest easy on that score.
  • The two then plot their next moves. Milady asks for Rochefort’s carriage and a servant to collect her the following day.
  • She then instructs Rochefort to meet her at a little village called Armentières. He writes the name of the village down in order to remember it. She then asks for all his money, which he hands over.
  • The two conspirators are ready to execute their plan.
  • (The narrator reminds readers that the four friends encountered Rochefort after visiting Milady; the friends recovered the slip of paper with the word "Armentières" on it.)