Study Guide

The Three Musketeers Chapter Thirty-Six: Dream of Vengeance

By Alexandre Dumas

Chapter Thirty-Six: Dream of Vengeance

  • Milady continues to wait for a visit from D’Artagnan, but none is forthcoming. Finally, she sends him a note asking him to come visit.
  • D’Artagnan notes that the worse the Comte’s behavior is, the more he (D’Artagnan) rises in Milady’s estimation.
  • He convinces himself it would be rude to refuse the invitation. Kitty gets worried again and D’Artagnan tells her that he will not, under any circumstance, fall in love with Milady.
  • At nine o’clock, he shows up at Milady’s. She looks like she’s been crying.
  • Soon, however, D’Artagnan is lured by her beauty and he’s back to being in love.
  • He declares his love for her. He hopes she will love him back. He declares he would do anything for her, and Milady requests that he kill the Comte de Wardes.
  • He again swears that he would kill his own brother for her love. He kisses her passionately. He promises to fight de Wardes tomorrow. But before he does so, is there anything Milady wants to give him?
  • Milady tells him to come back at eleven.
  • He resolves to be careful.

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