Study Guide

The Three Musketeers Revenge

By Alexandre Dumas


As mentioned earlier, revenge is one of the engines propelling the novel forward. Whether insults are real or perceived, characters take immediate steps to redress the issue. No one in The Three Musketeers likes getting hurt; when they are injured or insulted, they make sure they get even.

Questions About Revenge

  1. What is the relationship between pride and revenge according to the novel?
  2. Who is typically taking revenge on whom? Is there anyone in the novel exempt from these desires to exact revenge? Why are they exempt? What role does this characteristic play for the character?
  3. The Cardinal’s desire to destroy Queen Anne is driven by vengeance because she rejected his advances. To what extent is the situation of Milady and D’Artagnan parallel?
  4. In pursuing and trying Milady, is Athos spurned by vengeance or justice?

Chew on This

Milady exacts her revenge by using others because she lacks the physical strength to exact it by force.

Revenge has nothing to do with Athos’s determination to try and sentence Milady. He is motivated purely by justice.

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