Study Guide

The Threepenny Opera Scene 3

By Bertolt Brecht

Scene 3

To Peachum, conscious of the hardness of the world, the loss of his daughter means utter ruin.

  • Polly sings a song to tell her parents that she's married to Mac. Her parents are less than thrilled.
  • A beggar comes in and Peachum fits him with a new fake stump, which makes him look as though he were an amputee.
  • Mrs. Peachum tells Polly to get a divorce, but she refuses.
  • The Peachum parents decide that they'll report Mac to the sheriff and have him hanged.
  • Polly tells them it won't work because Mac and the sheriff are besties.
  • They all three sing a song about the insecurity of the human condition.