Study Guide

The Threepenny Opera Scene 5

By Bertolt Brecht

Scene 5

Before the coronation bells had died away, Mac the Knife was sitting with the whores of Turnbridge! The whores betray him. It is Thursday evening.

  • Crook-fingered Jake reads the newspaper in the whorehouse while the ladies go about their chores.
  • Mac walks in and Jenny reads his palm. She says that a woman whose name begins with J will betray him.
  • She goes outside and calls Constable Smith.
  • Mac and Jenny sing a ballad about how they used to be lovers, although he beat her up, and how Jenny became pregnant.
  • Constable Smith takes Mac away, and Mrs. Peachum pays the ladies for their services to Macheath.
  • Jake is too busy reading to notice the commotion.