Study Guide

The Threepenny Opera Scene 6

By Bertolt Brecht

Scene 6

Betrayed by the whores, Macheath is freed from prison by the love of yet another woman.

  • In the jail, Brown feels bad for having his friend Mac locked up.
  • Mac writes a check to Smith to keep him from putting him in chains, and he sings about good living.
  • Lucy comes to visit him and gives him a hard time for having married Polly Peachum.
  • They argue until Polly herself comes to, and then it's a fight between all three of them that culminates in, you guessed it, another song.
  • Mac denies that he's married to Polly, and Lucy announces she's pregnant with Mac's baby.
  • Mrs. Peachum arrives and hauls Polly home.
  • Mac promises to run away with Lucy and escapes from the cage.
  • Peachum arrives, a little late, to get his reward for helping with the capture of Macheath, but realizes that Tiger Brown has let him get away.
  • The curtain goes down and Macheath and Jenny sing a song about how humanity is actually really quite beastly.