Study Guide

The Time Machine Chapter 6

By H.G. Wells

Chapter 6

  • The Time Traveller knows that he should investigate the Morlocks, but he doesn't want to because they're disgusting. They are, he says, "filthily cold" (6.1). We're not entirely sure what that means, but it sure sounds gross.
  • He avoids going underground by exploring the surface. He sees a large building far off that looks like it's made of green porcelain and decides to go explore it.
  • But then he realizes that he's just putting off the inevitable: he needs to go down a well and see how the Morlocks live.
  • Weena gets upset when she realizes what he's doing, but he does it anyway.
  • It's a hard climb down, but he finds a tunnel branching off from the well. He hears some machines.
  • He rests a moment, then feels some Morlock's soft hands touching him, which jolts him. He lights a match to see the Morlock better, but it runs away.
  • He follows the tunnel and finds a cavern full of machinery. He also smells blood, but that doesn't worry him. There's a table with some meat on it. He wonders where the Morlocks got the meat.
  • The Time Traveller reflects on how poorly equipped he is, since he only brought some matches. He only has a few matches left after entertaining the Eloi with them. (Note: if you ever build a time travel device, bring a camera. And lots of matches. And maybe a change of clothes, just to be safe.)
  • The Morlocks come to examine him, but he's disgusted by them. The Time Traveller yells at them, but they keep coming. Then the Morlocks start grabbing at him.
  • So the Time Traveller starts fending them off. He manages to escape back up the well. He sees Weena and some other Eloi and passes out.

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