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Dr. David Kendrick and His Wife in The Time Traveler's Wife

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Dr. David Kendrick and His Wife

When Henry visits Dr. Kendrick in his office for the first time, he tells him about his condition and predicts that Kendrick will work with him in the future on finding a cure. Of course Kendrick doesn't believe any of this. Who would? But Henry has come prepared. He presents Kendrick with his yet unborn son's name and date of birth, including the fact that his son will have Down's syndrome. When Kendrick calls Henry on his son's birth date to confirm Henry's information and to ask him to come back to his office, Henry feels hopeful. Yet, during their conversation, it becomes clear that Kendrick not only considers Henry's information to be a fluke, but also feels hostile toward Henry as the harbinger of his son's disease. They part on bad terms only for Kendrick to see Henry disappear outside on the street. He reacts like all normal people, faced with Henry's disappearing act – he finally believes Henry.

Their doctor and patient relationship soon grows into a friendship. After some initial successes, Kendrick has to inform Henry that he won't be able to find a cure for him. He suggests, though, that he might be able help Alba. Henry trusts Kendrick's skills enough to have Alba's DNA sequenced against Clare's will. When Henry visits Alba in the future, he learns that Kendrick is still working with her.

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