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Henry's Colleagues at the Newberry Library in The Time Traveler's Wife

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Henry's Colleagues at the Newberry Library

Matt works with Henry at the Newberry Library. Although Henry is chronically unreliable and Matt has discovered Henry naked in the library stacks several times, he helps him protect his strange tendencies. That might be partly because Matt just really likes Henry and also because Henry is very competent at his job when he's not acting so weird. This is also why Henry's superior, Roberto Calle, the manager of Special Collections, doesn't fire him when he catches him running around naked one time. Roberto warns Henry, though, that his behavior will no longer be tolerated. Henry also learns that other staff members, including Catherine, Isabella, and Amelia, all have their own theories in the betting game of "What's the deal with Henry?"

When Henry manages to get himself trapped in the locked stairwell, called "The Cage," he knows that he's finally in big trouble. Roy and Kevin, the security team, find him. Roy is Henry's favorite, because he's always cheerful. But Henry fears Kevin's reaction to the situation, convinced that the "Security Nazi," as he calls him, will make a huge scene. To Henry's surprise, both security guards feel bad for Henry, maybe because they're sure that this act will finally get him fired, or maybe because they're just concerned about his sanity. When Roberto Calle finally arrives, there's no doubt that only the truth will do. What he doesn't expect is getting the truth from two versions of Henry at the same time. And again, seeing is believing. Roberto even lets Henry keeps his job.

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