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The Time Traveler's Wife Book 3, Chapter 2

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Book 3, Chapter 2


  • Friday, February 2, 2007 (Clare is 35)
  • Without Henry, Clare just spends her days sleeping. "Everything is reduced to bed, this endless slumber that makes the days into one day, makes time stop… until it is meaningless" (3.3.1). Mrs. Kim is taking care of Alba. Clare has trouble looking at her daughter, because the girl reminds her so much of Henry.
  • Clare retrieves a letter from Henry out of his desk. He tells her that their love was the only thing he ever trusted in his life and that his love for her will never end. He wants her to stop waiting for him, though. "Stop waiting and be free" (3.2.10). He doesn't want her to suffer like his father did after his wife died. However, at the end of the note, he reveals to Clare that he knows that they'll see each other again at some point far out in the future when Clare is an old woman.

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