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The Abshire Family Staff in The Time Traveler's Wife

By Audrey Niffenegger

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The Abshire Family Staff

Etta works as the housekeeper for the Abshire family. She's German and runs the household like a tight ship. Clare says, "She's really more almost our mom."

Nell is the cook. Clare describes her as, "cordon bleu meets Detroit; she's how Aretha Franklin would be if she was Julia Child." Nell's cooking is one – if not the only – thing that feels "real" to Henry while the rest of the house and Clare's family feel like "an advertisement for the Bourgeoisie." Clare also makes use of Nell's amazing cooking skills for Henry's 43rd birthday, when Nell prepares them a candlelight gourmet dinner.

Peter is the gardener, working closely with Lucille.

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