Study Guide

Timescape Chapter 16

By Gregory Benford

Chapter 16

April 8, 1963

  • Bernard stops Gordon in the hall and asks him how he feels about this Shriffer publicity. Gordon admits he thinks Saul went too far, and Bernard is happy to hear him say so.
  • In the lab, he checks the results with Cooper. Cooper hasn't gotten any messages in the results, and he seems relieved that he hasn't.
  • Lakin finds Gordon to discuss the Shriffer thing—Lakin has received a number of calls from colleagues expressing their concern over it.
  • Lakin says Gordon will have to deny Saul's results, but Gordon says he can't do that because he doesn't know he's wrong, just like he doesn't know he is right.
  • Lakin tells him to reflect on the fact that his association with Saul's theory casts doubt on the spontaneous resonance effect.
  • The phone rings, and Gordon agrees to talk with a reporter from the San Diego Union.
  • After the interview, Gordon still feels confident it will help, even if the reporter asked a lot of dumb questions.
  • Ramsey stops by to discuss the Shriffer incident with Gordon. He's happy to hear they aren't releasing the message he is working on as his experiments with it are panning out. Phew.
  • On the way to his car, Gordon bumps into Maria Goeppert Mayer, who wants to know if he believes his results.
  • He says he does, and she nods, saying that's good.
  • Gordon and Penny go to the beach where Penny surfs the choice waves.
  • At home, Gordon gets upset when he finds out that Penny is going to a meeting for conservative candidate Barry Goldwater.
  • After the argument, Gordon muses over how they first met and what an unlikely couple they were from the start.