Study Guide

Timescape Chapter 18

By Gregory Benford

Chapter 18

May 24, 1963

  • San Diego grows around Gordon, as does the nation's zeal for scientific advancement.
  • During one of the college colloquiums, Freemon Dyson discusses Project Orion, a nuclear rocket that would take humanity to the moon and beyond. However, with the Nuclear Test Bans, it seems unlikely Freemon's dream will get off the ground.
  • Gordon gives the final colloquium of the year.
  • He starts by simply discussing the experiment's conventional results, but then he just keeps talking and provides his peers with an update on all the data. He is careful to avoid premature conclusions, though.
  • Dyson makes a comment about dreaming, and the audience laughs. Then Lakin disclaims any association with the message idea.
  • After the colloquium ends, Gordon is embarrassed. Dyson apologizes, saying he didn't mean for his comment to be taken as a joke or backhandedly.
  • Needless to say, Gordon skips the after colloquium coffee.