Study Guide

Timescape Chapter 2

By Gregory Benford

Chapter 2

  • Marjorie tends to her rose garden when she hears a knocking sound.
  • She finds a shabbily dressed woman knocking on her door; the woman asks if she can borrow some milk.
  • Realizing the woman must be a squatter living in the abandoned barn up the street, Marjorie refuses since she doesn't believe her story about children and returning the favor.
  • A man named Rog and a boy emerge from the rhododendron bushes.
  • The man, who is dressed in hobo motley, yells at Marjorie for having everything and his kind having nothing.
  • Marjorie walks into the house, and Rog follows her. She demands they leave and locks the door.
  • Rog continues to pound on the door, though, screaming, so Marjorie picks up the phone, but the connection isn't working now.
  • After a while, the knocking repeats itself, but instead of Rog, it's Marjorie's friend Heather.
  • Marjorie tells her about the incident and recalls that had Rog tried to break in, she was going to bash him over the head with the fire poker and stab him with a kitchen knife.
  • Heather and Marjorie laugh at the thought of it, but Marjorie realizes that she had seriously considered doing just that.