Study Guide

Timescape Chapter 23

By Gregory Benford

Chapter 23

  • Markham is surprised to see Peterson show up in the lab. He tries to convince him that he doesn't need to go stateside, but Peterson is insistent.
  • Peterson meets Catherine Wickham, and she is not too happy that Peterson pulled her away from her work.
  • Peterson goes to make some calls.
  • Markham and Catherine discuss the experiment and potential paradoxes.
  • Peterson returns to inform the duo that his staff has checked into people from the past who might have received the message.
  • They don't turn up much, just some junk about "spontaneous resonance" and messages from space.
  • Peterson requests Cathy (the scientist formerly known as Catherine Wickham) give him a briefing on her work. The two go into the office and Cathy begins drawing diagrams and symbols on the board.