Study Guide

Timescape Chapter 27

By Gregory Benford

Chapter 27

August 6, 1963

  • Gordon tells Penny he is thinking about giving up teaching and going into industry.
  • Penny calls his bluff, though, telling him that he wants to be a teacher.
  • Gordon starts to bring up Cliff, but Penny points out that she owes him nothing—they aren't even married.
  • Gordon starts to talk about marriage, but Penny says she doesn't want to marry him. Well, that settles that, then.
  • Gordon travels to his alma mater, Columbia University. There, he convinces his old professor Claudia Zinnes to schedule some time on an NMR rig to make her own measurements.
  • He also spends some time with his mother and sister in the neighborhood where he grew up. He stays for two days, talking about the good old days and the neighborhood.
  • After his mother runs out of gossip, Gordon talks with her about his work and his problems with Saul Shriffer, Tulare's warning, and then Penny.
  • His mother just can't believe anyone would say no to marrying her boy.
  • Gordon realizes that she thinks he'll be leaving Penny. Then they argue. Then Gordon decides it's time to leave.