Study Guide

Timescape Chapter 29

By Gregory Benford

Chapter 29

August 28, 1963

  • Gordon starts to monitor the NMR measurements at nights, even spending the night once.
  • Claudia Zinnes calls to tell him she has encountered some delays and will go online in a week.
  • Gordon visits Ramsey in the chemistry building.
  • Ramsey tells Gordon he's started to crack some of the code and that this thing is big.
  • He tells Gordon how he got Hussinger to give him some water testing troughs to test the long-chain chemicals and the entire message came true—the stuff turned the plankton into itself and then murdered some fish with a serious case of cancer. All of Ramsey's sample fish died.
  • Gordon also comes clean on the DOD angle to his story, but Ramsey's pretty cool with it.
  • The Life article with Saul is published, and Penny says the man is riding on Gordon's work.
  • Gordon provides Ramsey with the drawings from the signal. Unlike Saul, he thinks they look like molecules or atoms.
  • Ramsey says Hussinger wants to publish right away, and Gordon tells him to go for it.
  • Gordon continues to spend more time with the NMR rig. The noise doesn't go away