Study Guide

Timescape Chapter 33

By Gregory Benford

Chapter 33

September 25, 1963

  • The Life article becomes a joke between the professors at La Jolla, and Gordon's reputation is further hurt.
  • A party is thrown to mark the opening of the new Institute for Geophysics building, and though Gordon threw his invitation away, Penny insists they go.
  • Gordon tries to make conversation with the various professors but ends up leaning on the free vodka a little too much.
  • He is steered into a group of physicists and Penny takes up most of the conversation. Some Frenchmen ask Gordon about his experiments and Gordon sidesteps the issue, saying he only knows about the data, not the hypothesis.
  • Penny insists she drive him home. She's upset because the Frenchmen—thinking Penny couldn't speak French—called Gordon a fraud. Nobody mocks Penny's man.