Study Guide

Timescape Chapter 34

By Gregory Benford

Chapter 34

October 7, 1963

  • Gordon watches as the NMR curves begin to warp; he records the data and gets another message.
  • He eagerly calls up Claudia only to be told she'll start running experiments today.
  • Gordon gets a call from his mother, who is upset her son didn't tell him he was in Life magazine.
  • Gordon apologizes, and his mother says he'll ruin his health if he keeps working like this. Duly noted, Ma.
  • Claudia's group finds nothing.
  • Gordon calls Ramsey and learns he has broken down the picture into a plausible molecular configuration and one that resembles a pesticide.
  • Gordon gets a call from Claudia—her experiments have shown some odd interruptions. Gordon requests that she see if it fits Morse code and gives her his home number.
  • At home, Penny is upset that Gordon won't go with her to her parents' in Oakland.
  • He receives a call from Claudia. The data checks out: It's a message.
  • Penny and Gordon are overjoyed, and Gordon agrees to go to Oakland.