Study Guide

Timescape Chapter 35

By Gregory Benford

Chapter 35


  • Peterson heads to his house and finds Sarah is throwing one of her parties, so he heads upstairs and grabs his bug out bags.
  • He tries to sneak out without anyone noticing him, but he's still weak from his sickness.
  • One of Sarah's friends notices him, but Peterson plays it off as though the bags are for the hospital and sets them in a closet.
  • They ask to borrow his room for a quick frolic. At first, Peterson is upset, but then he realizes he's leaving it forever, so he gives them the go ahead.
  • Sarah finds him in the crowd and intercepts him—Prince Andrew is with her, and they are both drunk and beckon him into the party.
  • Peterson makes small talk until he realizes that everyone in the party is either high or drunk.
  • He decides to grab the bags from the closet and hightail it to Cambridge.