Study Guide

Timescape Chapter 36

By Gregory Benford

Chapter 36

  • Marjorie sits in the Markhams' house. She came over to help Jan but found that Markham's widow is too busy working to grieve.
  • She asks Jan how she can be so calm, but Jan says she just hasn't had time to let it hit her yet.
  • Marjorie asks Jan to stay with them, but Jan declines the offer—she's going to go back to California.
  • Renfrew decides to go home after a power failure interrupts the day's work.
  • At the house, he finds the power is off and Marjorie is alone drinking whiskey.
  • Renfrew asks where the kids are, but Marjorie says the kids are spending time with her brother since it's super boring there.
  • Renfrew asks if there is some food, but Marjorie argues that it's the first time he's come home this early in forever and a half.
  • He argues that Marjorie used to be so resourceful; she'd think to make a dinner with a chicken and vegetables from the garden.
  • Marjorie points out that this proves how long he's been absent in the home life: The garden is a swamp and the chickens were stolen weeks ago. Ha.
  • The power comes back on and Marjorie starts telling Renfrew about all the bad news, until Renfrew asks her not to tell him anymore bad news.