Study Guide

Timescape Chapter 37

By Gregory Benford

Chapter 37

  • Marjorie sits alone in the dark, thinking about how Renfrew has been working until past midnight all this week and pondering that fourth drink.
  • A noise startles her in the dark, but it turns out to be Peterson at the door.
  • Peterson says he was hoping to catch John. Marjorie says he's still transmitting but scrounging for fuel. Peterson admits that's good but that he still feels there is a part of the process they don't understand.
  • Peterson tells her about contracting the illness and tells her what he's seen on the road. In short, it's going Mad Max the Road Warrior in England.
  • Peterson asks if he can make himself a drink and catch up a bit.
  • As he pours the drink, thunder and lightning startle Marjorie. As they talk, the power goes out.
  • Marjorie starts discussing how the mechanical clock on the shelves isn't working properly.
  • In the silence, as the two listen to the broken clock ticking away, Peterson kisses her and directs her into the living room.