Study Guide

Timescape Chapter 39

By Gregory Benford

Chapter 39

October 14, 1963

  • Gordon calls Claudia. He believes they may have more luck interpreting the signals if they do so while in-line with Hercules.
  • They don't, but rather than think he is mistaken, he decides to go for more data.
  • Ramsey comes to see Gordon to tell him that he and Hussinger are going to have a press conference to announce their conclusions—he is a little worried that bringing Gordon into things will discredit their results but also worried about insulting Gordon.
  • Gordon believes the strength of their experiments alone should suffice and tells Ramsey to announce without Gordon's name being attached.
  • Cooper runs into Gordon, working way late in the lab. There's some super small talk, and Cooper mentions that Lakin wants to know what Gordon is doing in here.
  • Penny and Gordon discuss how Gordon was pretty weird at her parents' house. Penny also lets him know he got a call from New York.
  • Gordon receives a message telling him to leave a note inside a safety deposit box courtesy of one Ian Peterson.
  • Gordon finds a bank offering free safety deposit boxes with the opening of an account, and he does exactly that.