Study Guide

Timescape Chapter 40

By Gregory Benford

Chapter 40

November 3, 1963

  • The call from New York is Gordon's Uncle Herb—he wants his nephew to know that his mother is sick, something with her pancreas.
  • Gordon promises to visit when he has some time. Soon.
  • He calls his mother to explain; she says she understands.
  • He goes to watch Ramsey's press conference. Ramsey sidesteps all issues about where his initial idea came from.
  • One night, Gordon heads home for dinner and wine. Penny asks him what his hunch is, but Gordon refuses to let her know until he is sure.
  • The late nights begin to take their toll on Gordon.
  • Another day, Gordon is visited by a reporter who couldn't help but notice Ramsey always looking at Gordon. Gordon tells him to leave.
  • One morning, Gordon hears that Maria Goepert Mayer has won the Nobel Prize in physics. He is happy for her and happy to be working in La Jolla when she is.