Study Guide

Timescape Chapter 41

By Gregory Benford

Chapter 41

November 6, 1963

  • Gordon calls Claudia to request they work longer looking for signals. Claudia says she will, but reminds Gordon that data comes before theory.
  • Gordon receives a message that seems very personal, discussing some guys named Markham and Renfrew.
  • Gordon shows Penny a Xerox copy of his lab notebook. In it, he finally has his answer.
  • What should be a celebratory moment, though, becomes another chance for the two to bicker at each other.
  • Gordon begins thinking about how he should present his findings. We're thinking he might want to work on how he presents his feelings, too, while he's at it.
  • Penny wonders if scientists like Lakin will try to undermine his findings. Gordon almost hopes so—if they take things farther than they should, they'll be the ones to fall.
  • Gordon and Penny make up and enjoy some quality one-on-one time.
  • Another day, Cooper comes in worried about his exam in three weeks. Gordon tells him not to worry; he's got Cooper covered.
  • Gordon is preparing his article for Science when his twin students come in to argue about their grades.
  • After that, the reporter from UPI comes in again and admits that Ramsey spilled the beans to him. As the reporter tells it, the man's just not a good liar.
  • The reporter convinces Gordon to finally tell his side of the story, and Gordon does just that.