Study Guide

Timescape Chapter 44

By Gregory Benford

Chapter 44

November 22, 1963

  • Gordon is lecturing when a department secretary comes in to tell everyone the President has been shot.
  • Given the circumstances, Gordon dismisses class.
  • Gordon goes down to the student center to watch the news. Walter Cronkite gives the play-by-play and the President isn't doing so well.
  • The story goes live to a book depository where police are escorting someone out—only it's not Lee Harvey Oswald; it's a teenager named Bob Hayes.
  • Hayes tells how he was at the depository for a magazine about the signal from the future stuff when he heard the shot.
  • He ran upstairs and subdued Lee Harvey before he could make his third shot.
  • Watching the news broadcast, Gordon loses his balance.
  • Cronkite continues to deliver his news report—the President appears to be stable.
  • Gordon goes for a run along the beach, then he gets Penny and brings her with him to the beach.
  • Together, the two swim in the waves.