Study Guide

Timescape Chapter 6

By Gregory Benford

Chapter 6

September 25, 1962

  • Gordon sits in the lab looking at the data of the noise.
  • Cooper and he are puzzling it out when Gordon realizes he has been focusing so much on the puzzle that he has hardly seen Penny and has been fueling himself with fast food the whole time.
  • Gordon has an epiphany and notices the noise is coming in at bursts of time, not at a regular frequency. He asks Cooper if he knows Morse code.
  • Isaac Lakin enters the laboratory, his eyes floating to anything that is out of place in his lab.
  • Gordon shows him his results. Translating the noise into Morse code, Cooper and he have translated the following message: ENZYME INHIBITED B.
  • Lakin doesn't buy it, finding fault in Gordon's methods and calling it guesswork.
  • He advises Gordon to focus on the true problem, which is finding the source of the noise.
  • Gordon shuts down the equipment and walks out to find Penny waiting for him. He apologizes for forgetting to come home early and cook dinner, then he tells Penny about his problems with Lakin.