Study Guide

Timescape Chapter 7

By Gregory Benford

Chapter 7

  • Penny tells Gordon that his mother called and said she is thinking about coming to the West Coast.
  • She takes the moment to confront him about how he hasn't told his mother they are living together yet—although they laugh it off, a sore spot is obviously forming.
  • They go to the Limehouse for dinner where they bump into Elizabeth and Bernard Carroway of the physics department. The Carroways are having dinner with famed astrophysicist John Boyle.
  • Penny and Gordon join them, and Penny charms the pants off everyone and even helps Gordon by setting him up for some social alley-oops.
  • After dinner, the group goes out to see Lawrence of Arabia.
  • Penny and Gordon get intimate at home, and Gordon realizes they make a good "us."