Study Guide

The Life of Timon of Athens Act 3, Scene 5

By William Shakespeare

Act 3, Scene 5

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  • Meanwhile, the senate has sentenced a man to death. He's charged with killing another man, so he must die.
  • Alcibiades disagrees: we should pity people, he says.
  • Plus, this isn't just any murder: the guy killed in self-defense. Sure, murder's a sin, but let's cut the guy a break considering the circumstances, says Alcibiades.
  • The Senators, however, are resolute: they go right on ahead and sentence the dude to death.
  • Alcibiades pleads with them again and again, but it does no good. The Senators get sick of arguing andĀ banishhim. Phew. Guess they really don't like to be challenged.
  • Once the Senators leave, Alcibiades curses them and swears that he will show them.